Tuesday, March 27

Who is Satan...

The christian life is a battle against our great foe, Satan ,called the devil. By virtue of the fall of man we became the devils possrssion,his pawns. When we recieve Jesus Christ as our Savior this relationship of Satan and sinner is broken, but Satan doesnot give us up easily , he fights desperately to regain us. The bible tells us to resist Satan, fight him , give him no place in our lives. For all things created by him , that are in heaven and that are in earth , visible and invisible all things were created by him and for him .Satan is a created being according to the Lord see in col. 1  : 16 , that time is unknown . Satan was full of wisdom and perfect in beauty .He was capable of using tatrets and pipes for he was musical .Satan was the anointed cherub , perhaps he was chiefest , highest angel, sin and inquity were discovered in Satan . Satan was called Lusifer . the son of the morning .Satan destiny is mentioned as being to hell. Satan still has a limited access to heaven to access the brethren .This power many continue untill the fulfillment of Revelation 12: 10.

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